Best IPS Monitors for Photo editing

Whether you are a pro or a beginner in this field, having an old monitor with poor visual quality is not going to make your work stand out from others irrespective of your skills. For your information, there is very little chance of any error in your work when your monitor provides an accurate proportion of contrast, color accuracy, and color support.

That’s where an IPS monitor falls in…!

An IPS monitor provides the perfect viewing angles and color contrast ratio which helps the user to edit photos quite smoothly. That’s why we are going to review the best IPS monitors for photo editing. 

Not only that…!

The IPS monitors are good for gaming purposes also as they provide a high color range as compared to other Panels.

So, let’s dive in…!

1) LG 34WN80C-B UltraWide Monitor Review

Best IPS Monitors for Photo editing

The first one on our list is LG 34WN80C monitor. LG never disappointed us when it came to monitors as they never compromised on the quality, and LG 34WN80C is no less. It is an ultra-screen IPS monitor which offers accurate colors and contrast ratio.

If we talk about the design, it is pretty simple and basic. The base is large with an ergonomic design that allows you to mount it on the wall or place it on the table; depending upon your personal choice. This is one of the very best wide monitors in the market. LG literally outclasses ultrawide monitors in the market and strengthens its own place. This LG monitor is a serious one and movie lovers just simply adore that.

The interesting feature is, that it comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio which is mostly found in 4k Ultra monitors. In addition, the screen resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels allows the user to edit their photos with high-quality pixels and can play triple-A games smoothly.

When we tested this monitor, there were no dead pixels observed throughout the work and the IPS panel prevented the screen from any backlight bleeding, which impressed us the most. One can split the screen also to multitask and the response time is 1ms which is pretty good when it comes to playing high-end games. Gamer”s addiction is also seen for LG ultra-wide monitor because of its sensational picture quality. There is no stuttering at all and it does not heat up much that is a very good sign for it users that want to use it for long time.

Overall, the LG 34WN80C-B is the best monitor for photo editing and gaming.



2) Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch IPS Monitor Review

This one is the best budget monitor for video editing. If you are on a low budget and want the best bang for your buck, then the Acer R240HY review would be a good read. It features a 23.8 inches IPS screen with a screen resolution of 1080 pixels which provides an accurate contrast ratio.

In addition, unlike its competitors, it comes with a zero frame design which provides the user maximum visibility when editing or playing games. The response time is 4ms which is a bit high as compared to the previous one (mentioned above) but for photo and video editing, this response time would suffice. The picture quality is superb and out of this world and especially gamers adore that monitor Crystal clear result and HD resolution makes Acer R240HY a special monitor.

The IPS panel offers accurate color contrast and color range with perfect viewing angles for editors. Also, the easy tilt adjustment of the screen allows you to have the best view as per your need or preference at the moment. That is a unique option and present in very few monitors.

The positive feedback of customers who bought this monitor is impressed with its price to performance ratio. The 60Hz refresh rate is not only good for video and photo editing but also performs well when you play AAA games. 

In short, if you have a low budget and are looking for an IPS monitor for photo editing and gaming, then this one would be a considerable option.



3) BenQ PD3420Q 34” 2K Ultrawide Monitor Review

BenQ PD3420Q 34” 2K Ultrawide Monitor

This one is the best BenQ monitor for photo editing tasks. This monitor is specifically designed for designers and pro-level editors who need perfection in every task and project they do. The latest PD3420Q model of BenQ speaks only style and high-end performance.

The 34-inch ultrawide screen of this monitor offers wide view angles to photo and video editors. Also, the 2k resolution allows you to play all the high-end games at 2k pixels without worrying about any screen tearing and stuttering issues.

The 21:9 aspect ratio of the IPS panel offers a wide variety of color ranges and has the potential to run editing software pretty smoothly like; Photoshop, Capture, Lightroom Classic, and many more. IPS panel of BenQ is just simply awesome and help the watchers to enjoy the picture quality without any stuttering. 

The split-screen feature gives the freedom of multitasking to the user with the appropriate proportion of color gamuts and contrast. Through overclocking, one can easily increase the resolution to 4k but it might cost you to heat up the system. So you need to take care of that and to avoid this issue you can turn the monitor for sometime then restart again.

However, when we tested this monitor personally, the visuals it provided were something out of the box and most the professional editors are pretty impressed with its screen quality according to the reports. 

We would recommend this one to only professional editors who are looking for an IPS monitor to meet their high-end needs.



4) Samsung FT45 series 24-inch Monitor Review

Samsung FT45 series 24-inch Monitor

Last but not the least, we recommend the 24-inch monitor from the Samsung FT45 series. The 24-inches of screen with an IPS panel offers accurate colors and contrast ratio to the photo editor to play high-end games.

Also, the interesting feature of the Samsung FT45 series is, that their models come with high refresh rates which means one can play high-end games without any screen stuttering issues. Not only that, when it comes to the outer looks of this monitor, it didn’t disappoint us in this department as well. 

The ultra-thin bezel of the screen depicts style and modernity when you first look at it. Also, the stand of it is adjustable and one can easily tilt the screen according to the need or preference at the moment. Samsung FT45 series got an HD resolution and display is extravagant. It enthralls the visitors and they adore Samsung FT45 series monitor. 

Furthermore, the VESA mount compatibility allows the user to fix it on the wall or place it on the table up to convenience. Another interesting feature of the screen is, that it helps you to reduce eye strain and offers a variety of brightness levels. Samsung always focusses on the picture quality and never disappoints their users.

In addition, the IPS panel offers crisp images and visuals to photo edit the tasks smoothly. This monitor is also good for playing high-end games. If you have a medium-level budget, then this one would be a considerable option for you.




Photo editors and gamers need a monitor with crisp visuals and a monitor, which offers a variety of color ranges and an accurate contrast ratio. That’s why IPS monitors are the best option for that. We hope the list of the best IPS monitors for photo editing we have mentioned helped you to narrow down your choices into one.

Still, if you have any ambiguity regarding this topic, then you can ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes! The color range and contrast ratio an IPS panel provides are good for photo editing purposes. In addition, the IPS monitor offers wide view angles, which a photo editor needs to multitask.

In contrast, the IPS panel is better due to a wide range of color reproduction as compared to the VA panel, which only focuses on the contrast ratio. So, for photo editing, an IPS panel would suffice.

The BenQ ultrawide monitor is the best IPS monitor one can get for video editing tasks.

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