How to Turn ON Acer Monitor?

Reasons for Acer monitor not working

Is your Acer monitor working at any cost? Click here to find out how to turn on the Acer monitor effortlessly.  On plugging in the power cable, you expect the monitor to display the content to get the work done. If everything seems fine, the content will display within seconds. However, things can be different …

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How to Turn On a Dell Monitor?

How to Turn On a Dell Monitor

Newly bought a Dell monitor for your gaming PC, and now it’s not working? Let us check out how to turn ON the dell monitor. A Dell monitor is supposed to show content when powered ON. The power button present at the front panel, when pressed, switches on the monitor. Due to any internal or …

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How to overclock your Monitor with AMD: A complete guide to overclocking

How to overclock your Monitor with AMD

How to overclock your Monitor with AMD? Follow these simple six steps to increase the refresh rate of your monitors with AMD.  Did you just find out that other than GPUs and Processors you can also boost the performance of your monitors? Well, yes, it is true! Monitors like other components of PC are important …

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VGA Splitter Extended Display – How it’s done?

VGA Splitter Extended Display.

How VGA splitter extended display is done? You might want to upgrade your setup to the dual monitor display because it is cooler nowadays, especially if you are a freelancer or a gamer. It also improves your functioning and makes your process productive. But what if you don’t have the dual monitors, but you still …

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