How to Connect PS4 to Pc Monitor with HDMI? 

It is a very easy task for a technical person, and he will do it very easily, but what if you are a newbie? Don’t worry; we are here for you. We have compiled a step-by-step guide so you can easily connect your PS4 to a PC monitor with an HDMI cable. 

Step by Step Guide to Connect PS4 to Pc Monitor with HDMI

How to Connect PS4 to Pc Monitor with HDMI

We will tell you a step-by-step guide on how easily you can connect the PS4 with the monitor and enjoy gaming with your friends and family members. 

  1. The first step would be to check how many free HDMI ports you have or do your monitor have the HDMI port or not. 
  2. If your monitor has an HDMI port, proceed further to the next step.
  3. Make sure that both devices are turned off before you start connecting them.
  4. Now take the HDMI cable and insert one end of the cable into your PC and another in your PS4 HDMI port. 
  5. Now check that both ends are connected properly or not? If yes, then turn on Monitor and PS4. 
  6. Your monitor will be detecting the PS4; if not, you have to change the cable because it might be damaged and then check again.
  7. Now your PS4 is connected, it is time to use the controller and customize the setting. 
  8. Enjoy playing games on your new big monitor with your friends. 


You might think that why to use a monitor when you have a TV to play games but let me tell you some benefits of connecting the PS4 with the monitor. The latest monitors are designed for gamers, so they have features that can meet the requirements of new games. 

You would see the difference that the controls will be very accurate on the monitor. You will see the visible difference in the resolution, too, and games would not lag. If you are a gamer, we would suggest you play games on the monitors to improve your performance, and you will enjoy yourself more while playing games. 

What is the PS4 to PC Monitor Connection Process?

Ever since the PS4 came out, PC monitor and PS4 gamers have been asking about connecting the two devices so that they can use the PC monitor as their main screen instead of the TV or console screen. The fact that you’re reading this article indicates that you’re looking to do just that! Let’s take a look at how to connect your PS4 to your PC monitor, step by step.

What many people don’t realize is that it’s actually quite easy to connect a PlayStation 4 game console to a computer monitor. Sony designed their latest generation of consoles with HDTV and computer connectivity in mind. This means you can connect your PlayStation 4 (PS4) directly to any HDTV or monitor using an HDMI cable, which will output high-definition video straight from your console onto your display device.

Things to consider while connecting PS4 to PC Monitor with an HDMI

  1. What cables do I need to connect my PS4 to a PC monitor with an HDMI cable? The first thing you need when connecting your PS4 on your PC monitor with an HDMI cable is a compatible cable for each of these devices, in order for you to be able to properly transmit both audio and video from your game console. 
  1. How do I know if my PS4 can be connected to a PC monitor via an HDMI cable? If you are wondering how to connect your PS4 on your PC monitor with an HDMI cable, it’s important that you know whether or not your gaming console supports such connection options before buying any additional hardware. 
  1. Can I use any HDMI cable when connecting my PS4 to a PC monitor? Using any type of HDMI cable will not work if it does not support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). This means that all PlayStation 4 models will have trouble displaying images through non-HDCP-compliant cables. 
  1. Will there be latency issues when using different brands of cables while connecting my PS4 to a PC monitor via an HDMI connection?

How to use your PC monitor with PS4?

The first step in connecting your PlayStation 4 (PS4) to a PC monitor with HDMI is figuring out what hardware you need. A $15 HDMI cable will work just fine, but if you want an even better picture, a $40-$50 graphics card might do it for you. 

Even if you have an HDTV as well as a computer monitor, some people choose to use their computer monitor with their PS4 because it gives them more desktop space and options for gaming controls. 

Once you’ve got all of your equipment, here’s how to connect PS4 to PC monitor with HDMI A Step-by-Step Guide:

Plug one end of your HDMI cable into your PS4, then plug the other end into your PC monitor or TV. This should be fairly self-explanatory it’s only one wire! Turn on both devices: Make sure both devices are turned on before proceeding to step 3 below. Start up Settings on your PS4: 

Pressing Up on your controller opens up Settings, which lets you change everything from sound levels to system preferences. Select Sound and Screen: In Settings, scroll down until you see Sound and Screen.

Why connecting PS4 to PC Monitor process is not simple?

The only drawback of connecting PS4 to PC monitor with HDMI is that you are stuck at 1080p. With a 1080p resolution, you can’t take advantage of your high-resolution 4K monitor. 

You also can’t benefit from better 120Hz, 144Hz or even 240Hz gaming monitors in case they become available in future years. Well, if you are wondering why connecting PS4 to PC monitor with HDMI cable is not simple, then we will tell you that it’s due to various reasons. Firstly, Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console comes with an audio/video (A/V) output for streaming content from your system onto your television or a computer monitor. 

Secondly, when it comes to connecting PS4 directly via HDMI output with a computer monitor for gaming purpose there are certain considerations that need thorough understanding by users.


To know how to connect the PS4 to the Pc monitor with the HDMI port, you must read our article. You have to connect the HDMI cable with a PC monitor and PS4, and you are ready to enjoy playing games. Above, we have explained the step-by-step process so you can understand everything very easily. 

There are many other tutorials around the corner that would help you know more about technical stuff, so stay tuned. 

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