How to Mount Motorola Baby Monitor?

How to Mount Motorola Baby Monitor? Mounting the Motorola baby is very important because if you place it on the stand, it will be in access to your baby, and he/she can damage themselves. Mounting the Motorola baby monitor is also a very easy way to put the monitor three feet away from your child and save your child’s eyes. 

How to Mount the Motorola Baby Monitor?

Motorola, being one of the first names in baby monitors, makes it easier to set up your baby monitor by providing mounting options you can choose from. You can mount your Motorola baby monitor anywhere in your home or apartment or even in your vehicle! Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to mount the Motorola baby monitor wherever you’d like!

1. Preparing the wall

If you’re planning on mounting your Motorola baby monitor in a location that receives a lot of bumps and vibrations, like in your garage or under a workbench, it’s important to make sure you have a solid wall mount. With regular drywall screws and anchors, you won’t be able to keep your new monitor from hanging off center even if its small enough not to notice. Instead, use toggle bolts with concrete anchors for a sturdier hold. Be sure to check out our other how-to guides for more tips!

2. Preparing the monitor mount

The first step of mounting a Motorola baby monitor is to determine whether you have a single or double receiver monitor. If you have one receiver, it’s easier and can be placed in your choice of location. However, if you have two receivers, they must be mounted next to each other in order for both babies to be monitored at once. You will also need both a hard-wire and power adaptor in order for each receiver to function. Keep these items nearby because they are needed during installation. 

Also keep any additional parts such as screws, brackets and so on close by. These parts should all come with your monitors when purchased new but may not be included with older models that you purchase used. Next, make sure that your area is safe from tripping hazards and has an adequate amount of light to work by before beginning installation. Also ensure that you have adequate time set aside to complete the project without interruption so that nothing gets overlooked along the way. 

Finally, gather all tools needed including screwdrivers, drill bits and wire cutters/strippers depending on how you plan on running wires through walls or ceilings for placement of monitors.

3. Attaching the hook

To mount your baby monitor, all you need is a hook. There are many different kinds of hooks available, but we prefer simple ones like these. Just screw one into your wall, and you’re ready to go! Make sure you put it high enough so that it doesn’t block any other outlets or devices on that outlet strip. 

To do that, measure how high up the wall plate will be and look for an outlet strip near there. Once you find one, mark its height with a pencil. Then remove the cover from your outlet (you may have to unscrew it) and use your tape measure to figure out how much space there is between each plug. 

You want at least 2 inches between each plug in order for them not to overlap when they’re plugged in. Then make another mark on your wall at that height—this will help you find where exactly you should drill into your wall in order for everything to fit nicely together. Once everything is marked, take down your drywall anchors (if necessary) and drill away!

4. Attaching the baby monitor mount

When you purchase a monitor, there will be instructions for how to mount it. If you didn’t receive instructions or misplaced them, consult your monitor’s instruction manual. Attach your baby monitor using a small wrench or nut driver that comes with most models. 

Attach it at least 6 inches from where your child sleeps and do not attach it directly over their bed. The best place is on a dresser or table close to where they sleep. The bottom of your baby monitor should face out so that you can see what is going on in your home while still keeping an eye on your sleeping child. You can also attach it to an existing wall mount if you have one in place already. Be sure to use a level so that everything is properly aligned before tightening any screws down completely.

Wall Monitor types

How to Mount Motorola Baby Monitor

Floating Shelf

This is one of the ideal devices to mount baby monitors. It can handle up to 2 lbs weight to handle most of the baby monitors for you. If you want to buy this device, we would recommend you buy it from Amazon because there are many sales going on, so you will get it at a very discounted price. 

Crib Mount

It is another very good place to put the baby monitor. You can attach the baby monitor with the crib. This is only for infants who love to sleep and play in cribs. However, this is not a very popular method to place a monitor with your crib. You will find many crib mounts from Amazon at a very low price if you want to try this method. 

Angled Wall Monitor

This is how it can be adjusted in different angles if you put the monitor. It is specially designed for the baby monitor camera, and you can easily install it without having much technical knowledge. This is the best and most secure way to mount your baby monitor, and it also looks really clean. You will find many good quality angled wall monitors from Amazon. 

Corner Stand

This is also a very good stand for the people who want to put their baby cameras in the corner. You don’t need to fix this permanently, but you can easily change its position when you need to. If you are very conscious about your baby’s safety, then you can add some screws with it. The best thing about this is that you can manage the cables. 

Ceiling Monitors

It is also a unique mount that you can place on your ceiling with the monitor. This is not a very common practice; however, there are some people that use these ceiling monitors. If you have a very small nursery for the children, you can put the ceiling mount monitors. As all the above amounts, you will get this on Amazon too. 

Wall Mount

For me, the wall was the best location to place your baby’s monitor. You might think about how to mount the monitor on the wall so you can use the wall mount for mounting the monitor. It would give you a perfect bird’s eye view, so we recommend you put a baby monitor with the wall mount. 

Motorola baby monitor Accessories

When deciding on a baby monitor, you have so many options. While you do need to think about audio and video quality, there are also other factors like range and battery life that will come into play. If you’re planning on mounting your monitor outside of your home, for example, a Wi-Fi connection may not be ideal because it will cut down on signal strength. 

A corded option might be better if you don’t want to risk interference from neighbors or passersby. You can find all kinds of accessories online for your Motorola baby monitor, but these three an outdoor antenna, a power adapter and an extension cable are must-haves if you plan on using your monitor outside. The antenna allows you to get a better signal in areas with low reception while the power adapter is important if you want to run wires through walls or ceilings (rather than stringing them across open spaces). And since most monitors only offer short cables out of the box, an extension cable is necessary if you want to mount your camera high up or far away from its base station (the latter being preferable if someone could walk off with it).


You might be thinking about how to mount the Motorola baby monitors, and we hope that after reading this article, you will have many ideas to mount it, and you can make a decision according to your requirements. 

All the mounts mentioned above are easily available in the local market or Amazon, so they are in everyone’s access. If you think this content is useful, make sure you share it with your friends who might need it. 

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