VGA Splitter Extended Display – How it’s done?

How VGA splitter extended display is done? You might want to upgrade your setup to the dual monitor display because it is cooler nowadays, especially if you are a freelancer or a gamer. It also improves your functioning and makes your process productive. But what if you don’t have the dual monitors, but you still want to multitask?

The best option you have is to use the VGA extended display; this would split your screen into two and give you the space of two monitors. If you don’t know about it, we will tell you everything you need to know about the VGA splitter extended Display. 

Step by Step Extended Display

If you want to split your screen in two, then make sure you follow our guidelines below:

  • Turn off the computer before starting this process.
  • When your computer is off, you have to connect the VGA splitter. Make sure you connect the male VGA splitter with the female VGA splitter of your monitor. 
  • You have to take two VGA cables to connect the monitors with the splitter. One side of the cable is inserted into the monitor, and another side of the cable inserts into the monitors. 
  • Use the thumbscrews to make sure that your connections are secure. 
  • Now it is time to work on the split-screen and make your work productive. 

What to Check Before using the VGA Splitter?

VGA Splitter Extended Display.

When you want to attach the two monitors with your computers or want to split the one screen into two, you need to check the VGA ports in your computer. There are some computers in the market that has only one VGA cable so, for them, you need to opt for some other steps like you have to change the video card of your pc to connect the Two VGA ports so, you need to check the ports in your computer before using the VGA splitter. 


You might be thinking about why the dual-screen is needed in your monitors; then there are multiple benefits. The first benefit is that it gives you more space to work. Now you have two screens so you can read and write simultaneously. 

So, if you are a multitasker, this is the best option. This is also very beneficial for the researchers because it improves the productivity levels and allows them to analyse different articles simultaneously, which also saves their time. 

The last thing is that if you are a professional worker, the dual-monitor will help you maintain your flow. You will see that your speed will be increased. 

Why does my screen look stretched?

Why does my screen look stretched

One thing to be aware of when using a VGA splitter to extend your desktop display is that sometimes your screen may appear stretched. This is a result of running multiple displays off one VGA splitter, and there are a few solutions for fixing it. To learn more about stretching and what you can do about it, check out our guide to extending your desktop with a VGA splitter! 

If you’re interested in learning how to use a VGA splitter to run multiple monitors, we have some quick tips on getting started: Determine how many monitors you want to use: The first step is figuring out how many monitors you want. If you want three monitors but only have two available connections on your graphics card (or external device), it won’t work. 

Make sure you have enough available connections before moving forward. Find an appropriate monitor stand: After deciding how many monitors you want, find an appropriate monitor stand or mount for each one you don’t want them stacked up against each other as they will block each other’s vents and cause overheating issues.

How do I connect 2 PCs to 1 monitor using the same graphics card?

If you want to share your monitor with 2 PCs, you can do so by connecting two PCs to one monitor using a VGA splitter. This will enable you to view both your systems on one monitor. To make it work however, there are some important things you need to be aware of. Here’s how it works: You connect your first PC to port 1 and your second PC to port 2 of a VGA splitter (this is also known as an extender). Then you connect that splitter into your graphics card. You then connect that graphics card into one end of another VGA cable and plug that cable into an available monitor port on either PC. The other end goes into your monitor. Note: It doesn’t matter which PC is connected to which port on the graphics card or which end of each cable goes where, as long as they’re plugged in correctly and securely! Most computer monitors have three ports: green, blue and red.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who wants to extend your display to two screens, then this VGA splitter is the best option for you. It allows you to split the screen into two without hassle. We tried to make it very simple for you so, if you follow our steps, you will be easily able to split your monitor into two screens. 

It would help you to maintain workflow and increase productivity. If you are not a technical person and need tutorials, there are many tutorials around the corner; just stay tuned for more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VGA Splitter Extended Display – How it works

When you connect the VGA splitter to your computer, you’ll have access to an extended display on any TV, monitor or projector in your home. Here’s how this handy device works and how it can help you connect to an external display!

How can I connect two monitors to 1 video source, such as your DVD player?

You can easily connect your two monitors to one video source, such as your DVD player, with a VGA splitter. First, connect each monitor’s cable to a port on your VGA splitter. Next, connect an additional cable from each of these ports to their own monitor. Your VGA splitter will now send a single signal out of both ports to both monitors. You can also use these splitters to add as many monitors as you want by just adding more cables and splitters.

How does a VGA splitter work?

A VGA splitter, sometimes referred to as a video splitter, allows multiple monitors to be attached to one video card. It essentially extends your PC’s display by enabling you to connect additional monitors. 
Here’s how they work. A VGA splitter takes in an input signal from your computer and then splits that signal into two or more outputs. So, for example, if you have a two-monitor setup using one output on your graphics card and want to add another monitor to your system without having to upgrade any hardware, all you need is a three-port (or more) VGA splitter that will let you use all three outputs on your graphics card at once. 
One of those ports will be used for the original monitor connection while another will go towards connecting the new monitor(s). The third port can either remain unused or be used for something else entirely like connecting another device such as speakers or a projector.

How can I use my PC monitor with more than one PC?

If you have two or more PCs that you want to share a monitor with, you can use a VGA splitter to extend your display. Here’s how it works: Plug one end of an extension cable into your PC and plug in your VGA splitter to another port on your PC. Plug another cable into the VGA splitter’s Input Port #1 (this usually has a sticker on it) and plug that into your monitor. 
Then, plug a third cable into VGA splitter’s Output Port #2 and connect that to your second PC. That’s all there is to it! Now both computers will be able to see what is on your monitor at any given time. This is great for sharing documents or watching movies together.

Can I get multiple computers working on my TV?

Do you have a TV with multiple connections? If so, you can use a VGA splitter to extend your desktop onto your TV! (Note: there is no such thing as a VGA extender.) Here’s how it works. First, connect one end of an HDMI cable into your computer and then connect the other end into your monitor or TV. Next, connect one end of a VGA cable into your computer and then connect another end into your monitor or TV. Finally, plug in both devices and turn them on. You should now be able to see both screens on one display!

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